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Product Application

VIETVINH Direct Block ice machine is one of the ice-making machines. The ice produced is the largest size in ice products, with a small contact area with the outside world, which is not easy to melt. Depending on the different requirements, you can crush various types of ice cube. Suitable for ice carving, ice storage, sea fishing, etc. After crushing, it can be used in all places using ice. However, when the ice is crushed, it will partially melt, resulting in a loss of ice. Ice can be divided into transparent ice, cream ice, and colored ice.

Main Features

Faster ice Block Making but Lower power consumption

The aluminum evaporator is of 3 times higher heat exchange efficiency than other steel [SUS304, galvanized steel], so ice block can be completely frozen faster. In this way, it can produce more ice blocks with lower power consumption

Clean ice Block Making

VIETVINH series ice block machine can make ice block directly without brine and any other pollution, so it can produce clean ice blocks even for human consumption.

Longer service life Lower future investment

Without salt and other material corrosion, cryo series ice block machine with long service life and you need just clean the ice molds/ice machine regularly. Future maintenance investment is lower.

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