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Frozen Cold Storage

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Frozen cold storage

  • Best insulation panels to save the operation cost
  • Frozen the meat/chicken/other meat in a few hours
  • Anti-rust surface material to be used for many years
  • Drop from the room temperature to -35°C in a few hours
  • Design suitable solution according to your meat storage requirement

1. Temperature:

  • Range we can make: a. -15~-25°C, b. -30~-60°C
  • Application:

Blast freezers and blast chillers: fresh meat→ frozen meat

Low temperature room:  frozen meat→ keep frozen

Medium temperature room: frozen meat→ keep frozen for short-term store

2. Panels surface suggestion:

  • Seafood cold room: stainless steel / salinization sheet.
  • Other meat or vegetable/fruit: color plate steel.
  • Other chooses: aluminum/ galvanized
  • Special chooses: two different surface materials


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