We are a provider of technical consulting services, design, complete installation and technical maintenance 24/7 in the cold and clean room sector in Vietnam. VIETVINH brings a spirit of conscientiousness, high responsibility and commitment to standard customer service quality. With the orientation of becoming a comprehensive energy efficient equipment, service and solution provider in the cold and clean room sector, VIETVINH is constantly improving technology, equipment, service management process & production to improve and improve customer satisfaction at the best cost.

Since 2014, VIETVINH’s engineers and staff have designed, constructed and manufactured commercial and industrial refrigeration products at competitive prices. Accessories are manufactured at VIETVINH factory, main equipment, we prioritize to use reputable suppliers in the world such as Bitzer, Embraco, Guntner, Cabero …, with the desire to provide good products. best, most suitable for customers. In addition, the product lines of refrigerators and display cabinets are optimized according to actual requirements, and have technical innovations by engineers based on customers’ ideas. We also provide products from famous German, Italian and Japanese manufacturers upon request.

VIETVINH practices environmental safety. All of our products use CFC-free refrigerants in refrigeration equipment and ancillary equipment. Every stage of the manufacturing process, from concept design to fabrication, is done with our rigorous and dedicated manufacturing process.

All products, equipment and projects of VIETVINH must pass the rigorous tests during the test run at least 24 hours. These tests include technical, safety, reliability, energy efficiency and aesthetics ratings. Every work or finished product is our commitment to customers for quality and service support.

Prestige and responsibility are the core of all our projects and products. VIETVINH pioneers in developing the value of Vietnam’s refrigeration industry.

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