When it comes to efficiency and style, no one brings more solutions to market.

In convenient stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, variety is key. We’re talking about the wide range of food products that must be made available to customers each day. Consequently, however, variety is also essential when it comes to refrigeration solutions. That’s where VIETVINH Commercial Refrigeration comes in.

We understand the challenges associated with refrigeration in hypermarkets and supermarkets, and we’re equipped with the expertise and solutions to meet each of them. We recognize that store concepts vary across countries and banners, and acknowledge the need to make each store unique. But ultimately, we know it comes down to the bottom line – controlling operating costs, reducing food waste write-offs and, of course, selling more products.

With all of this in mind, Carrier designs and implements turnkey and tailor-made solutions that help supermarkets and hypermarkets keep foods efficiently cooled and attractively displayed. Our portfolio consists of one of the industry’s widest ranges of products, including ultra-freshness, covering each and every store zone to meet all of our supermarket and hypermarket customers’ needs.

So what exactly do we mean when we talk about our range of products? The simple answer is anything you could possibly need. Our products of cabinets comprise hundreds of counter solutions for effective, attractive merchandising. Our multideck cabinets, including the new and our number-one-selling cabinets bring style, visibility and efficiency to the store. And our cabinets maximize efficiency, food freshness and presentation while optimizing use of floor space.

Beyond products and solutions, Carrier also provides a range of service and support offerings to help supermarket and hypermarket operators get the most out of their system. These include 24/7 assistance, preventative maintenance programs, remote monitoring services, energy control services, compliance services, upgrades and modernization packages to reduce costs while maximizing energy savings and operational efficiency for the entire lifecycle.

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