Cold storage rooms need to have an efficient insulation so that ambient temperature is not affected by external factors. In terms of heat insulation, the most widely used panels in the world are sandwich panels including polyurethane because of their functionality and affordability. These types of panels are produced with polyurethane foam being injected in between two layers of metal sheets. Thickness of panels varies by the temperature of a cold room, product features and storing conditions. However, high quality cooling is only possible with good quality panels regardless of their thickness. Event if a cooling unit is flawless, a cold room with bad insulation (due to materials of poor quality, low density polyurethane, poor labour, etc.) can never be efficient enough, and leads to higher energy consumption.

With its in-house manufactured sandwich panels, VIETVINH offers optimum solutions to meet the needs of insulation. Thanks to its capacity of custom production, VIETVINH meets all requirements of cold storage installations regardless of their architectural planning and purpose of use.


  • Excellent seal provided with eccentric lock mechanism (one lock per 1.1 square meter)
  • Always a guarantee of polyurethane density of 40-42kg/m3
  • Longevity, minimum exposure to external factors
  • Excellent solution for all temperature conditions with alternatives of 6 to 20 centimetre-thickness
  • Panel production suitable for all cold storage types and surfaces (floor, side wall, corner)
  • Maximum bending resistance (0.24 – 0.30 N/mm2)
  • Surface coating options with poly, chrome, PVC, PLWY
  • Flexible and fast custom production

“Show your cold room plan and we provide you with an optimum configuration for panel coating free of charge.”

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