Fruits Cold Storage Room

Apple Cold Storage Room

Mentioned in sacred books and empowered its fame through mythological stories, stretched near the border between Kazakhstan and China

Although the best way of storing apples is known as cooling, apple producers don’t store apples with this method anymore.

The atmosphere in apple storages is controlled, and the level of oxygen is reduced to minimum through cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, increasing carbon dioxide level slightly regulates natural aspiration of the fruit. In these types of storage rooms, ethylene absorbers remove ethylene gas, which is released by apples and causes the aging process quickly and is repressed with the help of 1 MCP systems.

Humidifiers control the level of humidity in these rooms. Thanks to this excellent coordination, some apple varieties can be stored at 0°C for over a year without being wasted. Apples stored in controlled atmosphere rooms have much longer shelf life.




Grape Cold Storage RoomOrigins of grape vines go back to millions of years ago, and Caucasus, south of the Caspian Sea and North East Anatolia are known as the native lands of grapes.

The fact that the temperature of grapes for long-term storage is lowered in pre-cooling rooms and then stacked in the main cooling room is very important and beneficial in terms of keeping their quality. Since the sugar levels of grape varieties differ when they are harvested, their freezing point also varies; therefore the temperature should be controlled as the sugar levels increase.

Grapes should be kept in polyethylene bags manufactured specifically for grapes at 1°C in order to keep the quality of grapes whose temperature is rapidly lowered. After this preparation, grapes can be kept for three months with no spoilage. When these treatments are carried out with care and with the help of the experiences gained over time, grapes will be able to be kept for up to 5 or 6 months.




Banana Cold Storage Room

Banana can be cultivated only on the 30th parallel south and north, and is an easily accessed and sought-after fruit all around the world.

Banana is a fruit type that can only be grown in tropical regions, and is prone to spoilage. The most advanced method of storing bananas is a type of controlled atmosphere storage, which has high airflow and allows for temperature, humidity and ethylene control. Unlike the general assumption, it is harvested in green color before it is ripened. Bunches of bananas are brought into the necessary size for trading and washed and dipped in fungicide water before they are stored in cold storage set up at +12/+15 °C depending on the variety, and with a humidity rate of 85-90%.

Bananas release ethylene gas during respiration. This gas secretion accelerates its maturing. That is why the most critical factor in storing bananas is the level of ethylene in the storage. Unfortunately, bananas are not suitable for long-term storage. Stored while they are still green, bananas have maximum 6-7 weeks of storage life, and cannot be sent to the market straight after storage. They are given ethylene in a controlled way in special rooms for breaking down the chlorophyll on the skin in order to change its colour to yellow in 6-8 days depending on the temperature and then sent to the market.

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