We designs and constructs industrial clean rooms and utility systems across the world. We support cutting-edge production lines in high-tech manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronic components, lithium-ion batteries, and new materials. Manufacturers in these industries drive today’s economy and they need highly managed work environments to ensure product quality. We supply all type of utility system that manufacturing needs: air compressed, process cooling water, Boiler, LPG, N2, Chemical, O2…..

Water softener system

We design & construct Water softener system included equipment & piping connects to production machine. Water softening contributes to the improved working, and longer lifespan of solar heating systems, air conditioning units and many other water-based applications.

Water softener equipment & piping

Vacuum system

We design & construct Vacuum system included equipment & ducting connects to production machine. The most common system for creating a vacuum is the gas ejector, which uses a high pressure motive gas to entrain a lower pressure stream

Vacuum Pump and Piping

Control Panel for Vacuum Pump

Process exhaust & scrubber system

We design & construct the Process exhaust system included process exhaust fan, scrubber, ducting work for main system & connecting to Production machine. We also design & construct dry or wet dirt collector system for production machine process to treatment process exhaust air before discharge to atmospheres to prevent air pollution.

Wet scrubber system

Dry dirt collector system

 Wet dirt collector system

Process scrubber system

Process water cooling system

Taikisha design Process water cooling system from machine specification to install Heat exchanger equipment using cooling water to absorb heating from Production machine. This system controls the temperature stability to keep production machine run 24 /24 h and 365 day /per year.

Process cooling tower & piping

Process cooling piping at cooling tower

Steam boiler system

We design & construct Steam boiler system included Steam boiler equipment, steam piping & other utilities such as water softener & LPG supply system. We make the system running stable, high performance, low running cost, easy maintenance & smoothly operation.

Process steam boiler at machine room

Process steam piping & tank

Process steam boiler & piping

Process steam pipe header


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