When it comes to performance and efficiency, our remote services put you in control.

As a leader in food retail refrigeration, we makes it easy to keep a close eye on your system – even from hundreds of km away. The key is our innovative service platform. Using proprietary technology and secure and redundant servers, the service platform captures information around the clock from each connected store, tracking data on food safety, operational performance and energy consumption.

For customers, the service platform opens the door to a number of remote service offerings from us. These include 24/7 response, in which our experts, specialized in refrigeration, monitor the operating conditions of your store around the clock for optimal food safety and maximum reactivity.

Through 24/7 response at our service Center, we are able to receive system alarms, conduct diagnostics and resolve issues without ever setting foot in your store. Of course, if you do have issues requiring on-site service, we quickly dispatch a technician for troubleshooting. It all adds up to quicker resolution of issues and attention to urgent situations, fewer visits for non-critical alarms, and, above all, fewer headaches for you.

Our service also allows you to access info about your refrigeration system’s performance anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly web service site provides clear visuals and overviews of data relating to key system metrics including temperature, operating set points and energy efficiency.

With the ability to compare performance in a store or across multiple stores, it becomes easier to track operational improvements, prioritize resources, and take corrective action to improve efficiency. And best of all, you can do it quickly and easily from a computer or smartphone.

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