Fish & seafood cold storage 



Fish and seafood produced in one part of the world should keep their fresh-like qualities in order to be consumed in a healthy and tasteful form in another part of the world. They need to be stored and processed in excellent conditions in cold or freezing storage. And VIETVINH offers you all these conditions.


  •  Instant cooling to avoid any spoilage on products
  •  Storing at correct levels of temperature and moisture
  •  Modern and technological fish plants
  •  Efficient production through energy saving


  •  Fish processing plants
  •  Cooling systems in ships
  •  Canned fish factories
  •  Cold storage warehouses for fish
  •  Deep freeze storage warehouses
  •  Precooling applications
  •  Fragmented/flake ice machine
  •  Block ice machine
  •  IQF and spiral shock freezing
  •  Cryogenic cooling

Non-settler primitive people living along the riverbanks and on the shores of seas and lakes learned how to catch fish by watching how other species hunted.
Offering fish from water to the final consumption, without deteriorating the quality, is only possible through rapid cooling. The most practical and traditional way of doing this is to cover fish with ice. The fish cannot be separated from the ice from fishing to treatment and from transportation to the final market delivery. The thin ice pieces are the industry’s mobile coolers by providing the closest to the ideal protection by minimizing the water loss of the fish, which has a sensitive skin.
Freezing process of seafood, to extend the storage period, plays a crucial role in controlling foodborne pathogens. In fact, seafood are shocked in -35 °C rooms to be kept for a long time.
Frozen seafood is then packaged and labeled. Labeled products are stored in frozen storage rooms under a temperature of -18 °C.

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