Human Resources

The greatest threat to our world is to believe that someone else is going to save it!

VIETVINH makes major investments and designs projects for maintaining global peace and providing food security. As VIETVINH, we work for projects and investments that contribute to our planet and humanity, and believe in equality and efficient use of energy. Our ambition is contagious; we are thrilled to learn something new every day, having unspeakable joy to work with people like us. If you believe what you can do with us is limitless, we would like to see you in our team.

If you wish to do internship or apply for a job with us, follow the below steps:

All our staff and intern vacancies are advertised, and recruitment process is managed on this website. We do not have any job vacancies other than the ones advertised on

Resumes for application at our company are collected in this website, and we do not receive applications via email or paper, as resumes submitted via email or paper cannot be filtered out or kept up to date.

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