Our Quality Principles


We believe in the fact that having access to healthy and affordable food at all time, which is the basic human right, should no longer be a problem.

We develop environment friendly technologies to store and process food for human consumption through the best methods, create educational works in order to raise awareness of food security in the worldwide, and share all these with the whole world.

We give credence to the fact that sustainable success can be achieved through an innovative perspective, management systems designed for constant improvement, and financial management, and the future success lies in Industry 4.0 and a flexible system for production.

As VIETVINH we aim to:

  • use natural resources and energy for our operations smartly,
  • create effective processes in order to prevent pollution at its source,
  • provide all our stakeholders with all sorts of information and supports related to sustainable environmental conditions,
  • act with environmental consciousness in our investments and processes,
  • secure a conscientiously protected environment with the help of activities, which will reduce the threats to today’s global warming and climate change, for future generations,

assuming the responsibility of:

  • promoting VIETVINH in the world to a greater extent, producing correct and most suitable solutions for our industry in the fastest way,
  • meeting the needs of all parties that we collaborate with in line with strategic targets,
  • utilising superior technology in handling processes as a first step in improving management systems in food security, and making contributions to it,
  • implementing practices of innovation through creative and innovative practices,
  • keeping performance levels high at all times through our staff trainings, expanding quality consciousness, and preventing inconvenience by assessing the possible risks,
  • working in full force in order to be a leader in our industries by managing our processes, integrated with the management systems of Customer Satisfaction, and Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety,
  • being a customer-focused team,
  • making our experiences and all our resources, and feedback from our clients -in accordance with confidentiality rules, objectively and fairly- into “Customer Satisfaction”, and maintaining solutions in the fastest possible way,
  • designing and using environment friendly products and services.

We aim to constantly improve product quality complying with all sorts of regulations, international and national laws, and make a commitment to conduct all our activities in accordance with this policy.

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