We designs and constructs HVAC for a wide range of buildings (office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums) & factories (manufacturing factory, R&D, clean room…) in order to create comfortable environments for people. Based on an understanding of the importance of human life as its basic principle, we continues improve environmental values (contribution to environment) and to protect global environment using Vietvinh’s solution technologies as a company engaged in business related to the environment.

In industrial HVAC system business sector, meanwhile, Vietvinh designs & constructs optimal Air-conditioning system for clean room & other manufacturing facilities for factories and R&D facilities in the electronic parts, pharmaceutical products, biotechnology, and other fields where a very clean environment is required in the manufacturing process. Highly sophisticated parts, such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors, high-frequency parts, imaging sectors, and precision miniature motors, are used in large numbers, in particular, in smartphones and car electronics, which are spreading rapidly worldwide. Vietvinh’s industrial HVAC technologies control the manufacturing environment of such electronic parts. We also focuses on providing environment protection systems, such as exhaust-gas treatment devices and antipollution systems.

Vietvinh designs and constructs HVAC, which are suitable for production facilities in manufacturing plants and research facilities of all types of industry. We also provide emission treatment equipment to dispose of organic gas produced in manufacturing plants.

Inside production area

Supply air for open space production area

HVAC Machine room

AHU ducting & piping at Mezzanine floor

Air conditioning at Electrical room

Chiller & piping installed on rooftop

In building HVAC system business sector, We designs & constructs Air-conditioning system for facilities that are used by many people, such as office buildings, schools, hotels, museums and airport terminal. It does so by conducting new construction and renovation work on facilities with the aim of providing people- & eco-friendly, comfortable space.

We designs and constructs HVAC for a wide range of buildings, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums and airport terminals in order to create comfortable environments for people. We are engaged in various types of projects ranging from new constructions through to the renovation of existing facilities while offering ecological and energy-saving HVAC.


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