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Refrigeration Storage

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  • Best PU panels give you the best insulation
  • Suitable temperatures keep the goods fresh for long term
  • Best surface materials guarantee more than 20 years lifetime
  • Energy efficiency saves you 30% electric bill
  • Design suitable solutions to meet your specific requirements


  1. What’s refrigeration storage

Refrigeration storage, also known as cold storage, is the place for processing and storage of products. The main function is to keep the products fresh and original for long term.

  1. Temperature range


  1. Storage products
  • Seafood/ meat/ chicken/ mutton/ beef
  • Fruits/ vegetables/ flowers
  • Milk/ yoghourt
  1. Application

Market/ Restaurants/ Hotels/ Supermarkets/F arm/ Processing room, etc.

  1. Panels surface for choice

SUS304: Best for anti-rust/corrosion.

Salinization sheet: One more salinization layer than color plate, anti-rust/corrosion/scratch, feel likes leather and plastic, nice.

Color plate: Most popular& cost-effective.

Galvanized sheet: Very hard& heavy.

Aluminum: Nice and soft, we use 0.7/0.8 mm, hard enough.

  1. The panels surface we suggest
  • Seafood:

– SUS304

– Salinization sheet

– SUS304 (internal side) +others steel (external side)

– Salinization sheet (internal side) +others steel (external side)

  • Medicine: SUS304, Color plate. (According to specific requirements)
  • Other products: SUS304/ Color plate/ Galvanized sheet/ Salinization sheet/ Aluminum

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