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VIETVINH Tube Ice Machine

1.Tube ice machine introduction:

  • Hollow cylinder ice shape. Clean, transparent, sanitary, it can be directly eaten, for human consumption.
  • Custom-made Ice Size: Normally 28mm*35mm or 34mm*45mm (External diameter*Length)
  • Small inner hole: 5-10mm, can be adjust.
  • Widely Application: popular for cool drinks, bars, coffee shop, restaurant and so on.

2. Product Features:

  • Automatic Siemens Controller +Touch Screen: All the processes are automatic. If anything wrong with the machine, PLC will start emergency programs to protect the machine
  • Hot gas deforsts: save energy
  • Stainless steel SUS Material: anti-rust and anti-corrosion, also guarantee the food-grade of tube ice.
  • Low Power Consumption: for producing 1 ton of tube ice, its consumption is 75 KWH ~ 80 KWH to make 1 ton ice.
  • Tube Ice Evaporator (Steel Seamless Pipe):  its top and bottom part was welded with quality joining, easy for ice harvest

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